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Interview Review

IT job interview training

We gather answers to the most popular job interview questions for Java and Android developers, and any other IT specialist.

Here you can find:

  • Frequently asked job interview questions and answers to them. We probably have a detailed answer to any question you’re asked during the job interview. The answers are presented in a form of short abstracts combined with useful links to full-scale articles and books for a deeper dive into the topic.
  • Tips on how to pass the job interview for a developer position in general. Sometimes it’s not only about what you answer — it’s about how you answer. We’ll reveal the secrets behind these questions and tell you exactly what your interviewer wants to hear.
  • Tricks for passing a Java dev job interview. Each field has its own peculiarities. Java development is diverse. A financial enterprise company would expect a whole other set of skills than a small startup; desktop development differs greatly from the web one. Our articles will prepare you for that.
  • Features of the Android developer job interview. Android framework is immense. Often developers forget or don’t even know some parts of the Android SDK that are not presented in the current project. Our articles will help you remember API peculiarities that you use automatically and revise the structure of less popular components. We cover all seniority levels: from basic overviews for Junior devs to a detailed analysis of internal implementation for Senior pros.

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